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Billing & Revenue Cycle Consulting for Home Care & Hospice

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Helping Improve Cash Flow & Compliance with Stronger Revenue Cycle Performance

Home care and hospice agencies routinely look to BKD National Health Care Group for expertise and assistance in a variety of areas. From accounting and tax services to operations and revenue cycle services, BKD has the necessary insight and training to help your home care or hospice agency meet its strategic goals. Our billing and revenue cycle services help give you peace of mind that cash flow needs and compliance requirements are met so you can focus on daily operations.

Billing & Revenue Cycle Outsourcing

Home care and hospice agencies routinely turn to BKD for billing and revenue cycle outsourcing services. Our professionals have extensive home care and hospice billing and revenue cycle experience and can help you get back on track to improved cash flow, compliance, and overall billing and revenue cycle performance.

Inexperienced or improperly trained personnel can unwittingly create cash flow difficulties for your agency—as can transitions in software systems—by creating a backlog of unbilled claims or causing inappropriately suspended, paid, or denied claims.

Your agency also may face fraud and abuse issues if personnel don't understand the complexities of Medicare, Medicaid, and other third-party payor requirements. Too often, the mentality is “as long as the claim was paid, I must have billed it OK.” Today’s increased scrutiny of home care and hospice billing practices has made this behavior even more unwise. Ignorance is no protection against civil, criminal, and administrative penalties.

BKD professionals can bill and collect your agency’s home health and hospice Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, and managed care services, including billing co-pay and deductible amounts to patients. We also can assess supporting documentation and make recommendations to improve your regulatory compliance.

Our expertise allows us to efficiently and effectively facilitate the billing and revenue cycle processes for your agency, which can increase cash flow through fewer suspended claims and faster claims payment. We can provide you with accurate and current financial reports, including intelligence on revenue cycle performance based on industry-specific key performance indicators and benchmarks.

Accounts Receivable Recovery

Turnover, software system transitions, mergers and acquisitions, or lack of proper personnel training and follow-up on unpaid claims can quickly result in a backlog of outstanding claims. Too often, home care and hospice personnel don't have the time or expertise to research and resolve claim problems. Timely filing limitations can turn your unpaid claims into write-offs.

BKD professionals can help your agency get back on track by helping you:

  • Identify outstanding claims
  • Resolve nonpayment issues
  • Train billing staff to prevent future accounts receivable problems

Revenue Cycle Performance Optimization

An optimized home care and hospice revenue cycle is dependent on well-trained and diligent personnel, streamlined processes, and effective software systems. When people, processes, or systems aren't functioning at optimal levels, cash flow suffers, and regulatory compliance risks rise. Typical revenue cycle performance warning signs include cash flow constraints and growing receivable balances, personnel turnover, software system transitions, business mergers or acquisitions, or increased regulatory scrutiny.

BKD professionals can help by assessing the billing and revenue cycle processes and identifying specific performance opportunities. Solutions include:

  • Conducting a revenue cycle performance assessment from intake to billing and collecting and financial reporting
  • Identifying specific opportunities to improve cash flow, compliance, and revenue cycle performance
  • Assisting in implementing recommendations or process enhancement tools
  • Training your personnel on best practices or regulatory compliance issues

Training & Other Services

Compliance Audits – Collaborate with corporate compliance or legal counsel to identify or validate potential risks in your billing office and clinical records and provide recommendations

Revenue Recovery – Identify incorrectly paid claims still within payor timely filing limits and recover revenues that may otherwise be lost due to billing errors or inappropriate payment adjustments

Training – Tailored training for billing and revenue cycle personnel on basic and advanced billing, payment, and regulatory issues

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