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Taking Your Data from Invisible to Invaluable with Right-Sized Analytics Solutions

Your organization generates impressive amounts of data every day—and most of it remains hidden. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. If handled right, your data can reveal important facts, trends and patterns that can provide invaluable insights into your organization.

BKD Big Data & Analytics professionals have been developing leading-edge data analytics solutions for years. We can use your data to help you enhance marketing strategies, develop competitive advantages, open up new revenue opportunities, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.

Analyzing organizational data can be overwhelming. With multiple systems, varying formats and the sheer volume of data generated daily, deciding where to start can be a challenge. Our team of experienced professionals can help your organization build a successful, sustainable data analytics program. Our approach can help focus your team's efforts, achieve quick results and deliver value.

How can I use data to detect or prevent fraud?

Data analytics is one of the most effective anti-fraud controls, yet only a third of organizations use it. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2018 Report to the Nations, the median loss due to fraud in the 2,690 cases studied was $130,000. Losses range from small expense reimbursement fraud to asset misappropriation to multimillion-dollar corruption schemes. No matter what fraud scheme you’re facing, we have the solutions to address it.

Email is possibly the most content-rich data source an organization possesses. Email analysis offers invaluable insight into the context, timeline of events and parties involved as well as the underlying emotion and sentiment. Many indicators of fraud and other risks are behavioral. We can use proprietary analytics tools to proactively monitor email and help identify behavioral warning signs before a fraud occurs. To help you keep your finger on the pulse of your organization, we can build network relationship maps and analyze the emotional tone and key topics of your email communications.

Risk Management & Social Media

One of the hallmarks of successful risk management is planning. Early in the risk management process, we can analyze your transactions for compliance exceptions, outliers and other anomalies to help identify previously unknown risks in your data set. In addition, we can apply trend analysis, dashboarding and continuous monitoring throughout the testing process.

Social media is laden both with data and context. Proactively monitoring your organization’s image in social media can help you mitigate risk, protect your reputation and manage crises. Our data analysts use sophisticated tools and techniques to pull public data from social media channels, online forums, news articles and other online sources.

Do you have any solutions for my industry?

We don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions—we go for a customized experience. We recognize our clients—whether in health care, banking or higher education—have unique risks, operational challenges and areas of focus. Our team of professionals will work with you to develop solutions specific to your industry and your organization.

AI-Based Risk Analytics

BKD’s artificial intelligence system combines human expertise with machine intelligence; the result is augmented intelligence. This system can recognize images, detect patterns in data, comprehend communications and evaluate situational context. BKD’s varied AI technologies can help take your risk assessment efforts to new heights.

Bank Employee Account Review

Banks of all sizes are encouraged by examiners to review employee accounts for risk. Without an efficient method for leveraging data, banks often resort to time-consuming manual procedures. BKD offers a different approach. Our employee account review service uses the power of data analytics to automate the review process and provide you with clearly organized data.

Campaign Finance Analytics

Managing a political campaign can be demanding. Well-run campaigns reconcile bank and accounting records to campaign finance reporting, evaluate the effectiveness of fundraising efforts and analyze contribution sources. Our data analytics expertise can equip you with the insights to manage complex campaign finances.

Corruption Risk Analyzer

Corruption accounted for 38 percent of the fraud cases in the Association for Certified Fraud Examiners 2018 Report to the Nations. Corruption is typically off-the-books, which makes detection and prevention a challenge. Combining structured analytics and unstructured data analysis, BKD’s Corruption Risk Analyzer can help identify high-risk vendors and employees in your organization.

Data Analytics Program Design

Your organization has data—likely lots of it. Are you using that data to accomplish your strategic objectives and manage risks? BKD can help you answer this question and many others. Our data analytics team can offer you the guidance, insight and strategic planning assistance to help design and implement a sustainable data analytics program.

Emotion & Sentiment Analysis

Emails, text messages and social media posts can speak volumes about the author’s emotional state. Detecting certain sentiments early can help mitigate and sometimes prevent crises in your organization. Our emotional tone detection system and sentiment analysis services can be tremendously beneficial in investigations, litigation and risk management.

Health Care Contract Rate Analytics

Nearly every health care organization has one or more contracts for receiving payments. Managing these contracts and evaluating if payments meet the stated terms is important, but handling massive volumes of contract data can be a challenge. We go beyond sampling to perform in-depth contract rates analysis so you can compare your payments to contract expectations.

Loan Portfolio Analytics

Loan portfolios represent the lion’s share of assets for many financial organizations, but they can also pose risks to financial safety and viability. What are you doing to protect your loan portfolio? While most approaches to loan risk focus on sampling and large credits, BKD uses forensic data mining to analyze the entire portfolio to help you manage fraud risk.

Nonprofit Analytics

Nonprofit organizations need more than good hearts to further their mission. To serve your constituents well, you need to manage your organization as efficiently and responsibly as a for-profit business. BKD can help you evaluate the effectiveness of fundraising efforts, analyze contribution sources and monitor your outcomes.

Organizational Dynamics & Research Analysis

Organizational dynamics is the study of how individuals and entities interact with each other within an organization. BKD’s organizational dynamics and research analysis can help map the relationships in your organization, revealing previously unknown connections that may be of investigative or strategic importance.

Purchasing Card Analytics

Purchasing cards—also known as corporate credit, procurement or travel cards—have empowered employees to make purchasing decisions. They've also exacerbated fraud, waste and abuse. Our team of analysts and Certified Fraud Examiners can effectively leverage the data-rich nature of purchasing cards to help identify high-risk transactions throughout the population.

Reputational Risk Monitoring

With the prevalence of social media, it’s important to identify reputational risks before they become critical issues. Our reputational risk monitoring platform provides a mechanism to analyze happenings in the social media world and monitor the conversational tone about your organization online. We have the tools to help you mitigate threats before they become full-blown crises.

Vendor Risk Analytics

Monitoring vendor activity plays a key role in managing fraud risk. Nearly all of the top fraud schemes involve cash disbursements, most of which run through an organization’s vendors and accounts payable. Our proprietary vendor risk analytics solution can provide you with an overall vendor risk score to help identify the high-risk vendors in your organization.

Workforce Analytics

From hourly time records and weekly payroll to email, social media, internet and computer usage, workforce management is laden with data. “Enterprise amnesia”—missing out on potentially unknown data—can greatly limit your decision making. Our workforce analytics solution can help you identify employee- and payroll-related risks and help make informed decisions.

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