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Whether your needs include the highest level of assurance, such as an audit for a publicly traded company, or you simply need assistance with bookkeeping or keeping up with the latest changes, BKD can help. The following sections address the capabilities we bring to different levels of assurance and related services.


BKD’s Quality Report for Boards, Audit Committees & the Public

Our Quality Report was written to provide those responsible for auditor selection with a basis for making a decision to choose BKD. Learn about our client onboarding, people and technology investments, technical leadership, audit culture and quality monitoring.

Attest & Agreed-Upon Services

Financial statements isn't the only area where BKD can provide assurance services. Whether it relates to debt compliance or a unique circumstance where third parties need assurance about a subset of financial information or an assertion you are making, talk to BKD to identify a service that fits your needs.

Accounting Outsourcing

For some of our clients, a compilation or preparation is simply a by-product of a broader accounting outsourcing arrangement. We may provide monthly reconciliation or other record-keeping services at the direction of management to meet your accounting, tax, financial management and consulting needs.

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Audit Innovation

As technology advances, BKD is identifying ways to improve your audit experience. Read about our efforts around artificial intelligence, dynamic workflows, using big data and creating powerful analytic visualizations that help improve our audit results and create a better experience for our clients and staff.

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Compilations, Preparations & Accounting Assistance

When assurance needs are limited, clients look to BKD for compilation or preparation services, rather than a review or an audit. In both services, BKD helps management prepare a financial statement, and in neither service is any assurance or opinion provided.

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Financial Statement Audits & Reviews

The majority of our assurance services are reporting on financial statements presented under generally accepted accounting principles, although we also report under other frameworks. Our services generally follow U.S. generally accepted auditing standards or Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services, but other standards—including international and governmental standards—come into play as well.

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Internal Audit

Our external audit services are all about assurance for outside parties, while our internal audit services are all about your internal fiduciary responsibilities and needs. Whether you need assistance on a project-by-project basis, guidance on internal control design or establishing an internal audit department or complete outsourcing of your internal audit needs, BKD can help.

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International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Transition

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are critical to understand in serving a global community. We often work in two primary areas. First, our clients include domestic inbound needs where a global company requires financial reporting assurance on a U.S. subsidiary under U.S. or other standards. Second, our clients have foreign interests and require statutory or other audits in international jurisdictions. Whether we provide these services just as BKD or in conjunction with our global alliance, Praxity, AISBL, international standards are within our service delivery reach.

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System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reports

BKD offers a full suite of SOC examinations, including SOC for Cybersecurity, to help your organization assess the design and operational effectiveness of its controls.

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Uniform Guidance / Single Audit & HUD

Compliance auditing at BKD is often found in our not-for-profit and governmental practice or in our banking and real estate practices where U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) oversight is present. BKD is ranked as one of the largest providers of Single Audit services and our familiarity with those requirements make us a great fit for organizations requiring compliance.

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