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Audit, Accounting & Assurance

Assurance for You, Your Customers, Oversight Agencies, Lenders & Others

Whether your needs include the highest level of assurance, such as an audit for a publicly traded company, or you simply need assistance with bookkeeping or keeping up with the latest changes, BKD can help. The following sections address the capabilities we bring to different levels of assurance and related services.

BKD’s Quality Report for Boards, Audit Committees & the Public

The BKD Quality Report was written to provide those responsible for auditor selection with a basis for making a decision to choose BKD. Learn about our client, people and technology investments, technical leadership, audit culture and quality monitoring.

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Attest & Agreed-Upon Services

Financial statements the only area where BKD can provide assurance services. Whether it relates to debt compliance or a unique circumstance where third parties need assurance about a subset of financial information or an assertion you are making, talk to BKD to identify a service that fits your needs.

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