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Tackle Market Changes with BKD's Extensive Accounting & Industry Know-How

Looking to sharpen your strategy this year and find additional support for your departmental leaders? If your goals include financial, operational, or clinical initiatives in the upcoming year, our team is here to support yours. BKD has worked with numerous assisted living and memory care providers across the nation and can help position your organization to thrive in this increasingly competitive industry.

Looking for tools and resources specific to long-term care & senior living? Visit The Link to connect to practical insights. Our advisors share a variety of tools and educational events designed to help providers implement best practices.

Audit & Assurance

Our risk-based approach includes audit programs tailored to your needs as well as valuable insight into various risk areas. Our clients finance their operations through a variety of methods, including bonds and various federal loan programs

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Billing & Revenue Cycle

Effective billing and improved revenue cycle performance can lead to additional reimbursement. Outsource your billing function to BKD or bring in the healthcare billing services team in to help improve performance and compliance.

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Clinical & Operational Consulting

Operational excellence is a never-ending effort. Our team of experienced professionals performs PPS and MDS assessments and offers Medicare management training for skilled nursing facilities. Our team also can help you monitor compliance and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Cost Report & Reimbursement Services for Medicare & Medicaid

The expertise of our cost report preparers, reviewers, and reimbursement professionals is recognized by Medicare Administrative Contractors, state and national healthcare associations, and industry leaders. Discover why providers nationwide rely on BKD's reimbursement pros to prepare approximately 2,000 Medicare and Medicaid cost reports annually. In fact, our broad and deep state-specific Medicaid experience is a differentiator of our True Expertise.

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Strategic Solutions

If you're looking for an in-depth market forecast or financing a major project, BKD can help. We have extensive experience with tax-exempt bonds and alternative financing methods to help you fund your long-term strategy.

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Tax Services for Long-Term Care

Need assistance with tax issues facing your organization? BKD offers a wide variety of services to help exempt and for-profit long-term care and senior living providers identify risks and stay compliant. Learn how we can help your organization

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Value-Based Payment Models in Healthcare

Are you prepared for the future of healthcare payments? Our payment reform team can help you assess various programs, invest wisely, and manage risk as you prepare for long-term financial success.

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