COVID-19 Resources for Healthcare

COVID-19 Resources for Healthcare

As COVID-19 affects our nation, BKD’s healthcare pros understand the current operating environment is changing rapidly and adding stress. While health care leaders, physicians and staff remain focused on the health and well-being of your people, business, patients and community, you can rely on BKD for assistance to help relieve the strain. We’re in this together.

How BKD Can Help

Start tracking forward with BKD's COVID expenses & revenues trackerStart tracking forward with BKD's COVID expenses & revenues tracker

Regulatory Issues Insight

  • Interpreting 1135 waivers and their effect on current operations
  • Monitoring congressional action
  • Navigating telehealth and related issues
  • Monitoring government and regulatory activity related to COVID-19 and keeping you updated on similar topics with BKD Thoughtware®

Remote Management: IT & Workforce

  • IT mobility 
  • Vendor management/remote workforce strategies and measurement 
    • We can help you manage vendors for increased mobility-related bandwidth and monitor efficiency
  • Empowering your remote workforce 
    • BKD can assist in developing remote-office policies and procedures and provide strategies for monitoring productivity

Cash Margin & Flow Assistance

  • Coding, billing and denial preventions related to COVID-19 services
    • For discharges on or after April 1, 2020, coding for COVID-19 cases will be ICD-10-CM code U07.1 (2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease). Boosting your coding denial prevention is critical.
  • Accounts receivable management and cash acceleration services
    • National health care emergencies often affect cash flow. Many businesses are deploying remote work forces, which will initially affect productivity and inflate accounts receivable (AR). BKD has designed algorithms to help accelerate cash and reduce AR spikes.
  • Physician compensation planning and triage
    • We can assess short-term disruptions created for provider compensation plan results and recommend strategies to help handle those changes, including financial effect estimation. Once the plan has been chosen, BKD can also help explain it to stakeholders.
  • Clinic operations triage planning
    • BKD can assess short-term disruptions to clinical operations involving redeployed providers and patient medical issues and recommend helpful strategies for staffing, scheduling and facility use.
  • Clinic revenue cycle triage plan
    • We can assess short-term changes to various professional services performed in clinics and help you identify billable services, e.g., telehealth services, and meeting-related requirements for service documentation and billing information, e.g., demographics.
  • Telehealth and physician COVID-19 documentation, coding and billing
    • BKD vigilantly filters the barrage of pandemic documentation, coding and billing modifications and guidance. We’re prepared to help hospitals, clinics, rural health clinics, physician practices and other venues, e.g., telehealth, apply fast-approaching and/or immediate revisions. We can lend a hand with:
      • Pre-bill and secondary-level documentation reviews
      • Coding and documentation reviews
      • Denial prevention and appeal writing
      • Training and education

Risk Mitigation

  • Business interruption claims 
  • U.S. Small Business Administration loan assistance
  • Fraud prevention and mitigation in times of crisis
  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and breaches

Tax Assistance

The IRS has already delayed and extended various deadlines. As information is released, we’ll be ready with relevant resources.

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