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BKDnext® Succession Planning Survey

Business Succession & Continuity Planning

Succession Planning Continues to Be a Priority for Privately Owned Companies

Even before the disruptions of the past 15 months, many business owners struggle to plan for the next step. Day-to-day operations often take precedence when you own and/or operate a business, and planning ahead can be challenging. Most privately owned businesses will eventually experience a change in ownership and leadership, so it’s important to know if you’re prepared, especially in an uncertain environment.

We want to help you move your succession planning forward so you can realize your dreams and mitigate risk along the way. We are seeking the views of industry leaders and decision makers like you, to gain insight into the lifecycle trends of privately owned businesses.

If you’re ready to discuss specifics about how BKD can help your business, contact us today to schedule a no-strings-attached conversation.

BKDnext Succession Planning Survey 2021 Results coming soon.

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