Simply Tax® Episode 125: Construction & Real Estate Industry Updates

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Jul 01, 2021
Simply Tax® Episode 125

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How has the construction and real estate industry changed in the past year? What should executives in the hospitality industry be focused on? Is the possibility of tax change affecting decisions? Get answers to these questions and more as Jason Myers—the new national industry partner of BKD National Construction & Real Estate Group—joins host Damien Martin to share insights into top business, tax, and accounting issues for the industry. Here’s what’s covered:

  • Who is Jason Myers? @01:56
  • What’s the BKD National Construction & Real Estate Group? @05:30
  • Construction
    • Industry trends and impact of recent events @06:21
    • Employee stock ownership plans @10:21 and @12:02
  • Architecture & Engineering industry trends and impact of recent events @11:00
  • Real Estate
    • Industry trends and impact of recent events @13:36
    • President Biden’s tax proposals @15:30
  • Hospitality industry trends and impact of recent events @17:46
  • Overall trends in the industry @20:43
  • Jason’s advice for CFOs and financial managers @23:53
  • Closing thoughts @27:11


Jason Myers is a member of BKD National Construction & Real Estate Group. He has more than 16 years of experience providing assurance, accounting, and consulting services to both public and private companies. Jason is a member of the American Institute of CPAs, Indiana CPA Society, and Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA). His writing has been published in CFMA Building Profits magazine, and he is a past chair of the CFMA Publications Advisory Group. Jason currently serves on the CFMA Executive Committee and is a member of Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana and The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and serves on the AGC program and membership committee.

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