Simply Tax® Episode 119: The Aggregated Assault

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Mar 03, 2021
Simply Tax Episode 119

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Step back in time for the thrilling radio drama conclusion of the case of “The Missing Deduction.” This follow-up to the short film brings you inside a day with—and the head of—host Damien Martin as he helps ace investigative reporter Annie Story boil down yet another complex aspect of Internal Revenue Code Section 199A following the shocking transformation of Mr. Quincy B. I. Donaldson, aka QBID.

The Cast

  • Emma Elliot as Annie Story
  • Chris Greig as Carl P. Albright
  • Ted Dickman as Doc Dickman
  • Damien Martin as himself

The Crew

  • Written by Damien Martin & Aaron Phares
  • Produced, Edited, & Mixed by Aaron Phares

Resources Mentioned In The Episode



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