Simply Tax® Episode 106: Simply Campus Recruiting

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Aug 18, 2020 | Updated: Aug 30, 2021
Michael Nuttle
Simply Tax Episode 106

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BKD campus recruiters Jerica Newby and Michael Nuttle join host Damien Martin to offer advice to students making one of the most important decisions: where should you work?

  • Who is Jerica Newby? @ 1:46
  • Who is Michael Nuttle? @ 3:03
  • The accounting recruiting cycle @ 5:35
  • How to use campus recruiters to your advantage @ 10:08
  • Why you should consider a career in public accounting and tax @ 15:17
  • Deciding between audit and tax @ 22:10
  • Tips for a successful internship @ 30:10
  • Recruiting and getting a job during crisis @ 37:43
  • Top student concerns @ 42:27
  • Ways to stand out in a virtual environment @ 48:44
  • The CPA exam @ 53:29


Jerica Newby is a BKD campus recruiter in the Southern Kansas market.

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Michael Nuttle is an Assistant Director, Lindner Career Services at University of Cincinnati.

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