Simply Tax® Episode 100: Looking Back & Looking Forward

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Jun 12, 2020
Sam Allred, Jeremy Clopton, and Heath Alloway
Simply Tax Episode100

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Simply Tax® turns 100 by looking back and looking forward with Sam Allred, Jeremy Clopton and Heath Alloway of Upstream Academy on how accounting firms are responding to the coronavirus pandemic and preparing for future success. Here’s what’s covered:

  • Looking back to the beginning of 2020 @02:43
  • Top four goals of managing partners, even during crisis @05:03
  • Areas of focus amid a pandemic @12:01
  • Lessons firms have learned so far @17:49
  • The do’s and don’ts of leadership in the present crisis @22:25
  • Advice for working and training in a remote environment @33:11
  • “Leadership in a time of crisis is going to leave a more lasting memory than anything else a leader does” @39:41
  • “Nothing says I care more than being proactive” @42:19
  • Preparing for future success @45:34
  • Innovation as a way to improve @54:34
  • The danger of reverting to normal @59:56
  • Forward-looking book recommendations from Jeremy and Heath @01:04:38
  • Closing thoughts @01:09:01



Sam Allred is the founder of and a director at Upstream Academy. Sam interacts with hundreds of CPA firms around the world every year via conferences, partner retreats, management presentations and training sessions. He speaks and writes extensively both in the U.S. and abroad. In high demand as a facilitator for CPA firm retreats, Sam energetically and creatively engages all of the partners in the discussion, using proven processes and their firm’s strengths to successfully navigate challenges they may face. He is viewed as one of the top strategic thinkers in the profession.

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Jeremy Clopton is a director at Upstream Academy. Jeremy is a dynamic and insightful presenter and speaks both in the U.S. and abroad at industry events as a faculty member for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and instructor at the Management Development Institute at Missouri State University. Outside of work, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family, running, golf and helping his wife run a nonprofit organization. Jeremy and his wife Katie have three precocious daughters and a lazy golden retriever.

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Heath Alloway is a director at Upstream Academy. Heath is an experienced professional with a passion for creating and implementing an innovative and growth-focused culture. This includes working with public accounting firm leadership teams on strategic growth plans, business development training, innovation and implementation of new services.

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