Simply Tax® Episode 98: Tax Season Not Normal with the AICPA

Thoughtware Podcast Published: May 04, 2020
Simply Tax Episode 98

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Host Damien Martin wraps up a multi-episode look at the tax season with American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Director of Tax Practice & Ethics Cari Weston. Here’s what’s covered:

  • Who is Cari Weston? @ 1:29
  • “You can absolutely not go wrong with a degree in accounting” @ 07:54
  • How was tax season? @ 11:21
  • What members experienced this season @ 20:30
  • The importance of being future ready @ 26:36
  • The case for being nimble @ 31:48
  • How accountants can be more consultative @ 37:50
  • Tips for those starting out in the profession @ 41:42
  • The AICPA is there for you @ 45:17
  • How you can volunteer with the AICPA @ 48:22


Cari Weston, MST, CPA, CGMA, is director of tax practice and ethics for the AICPA. She leads the team responsible for monitoring tax issues, communicating to CPA tax practitioners and developing resources to assist in their work. She is a frequent writer and speaker on tax, ethics, leadership, practice management, technology and the future of the accounting profession. She also has been quoted in many news sources, including The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Boston Globe, CNBC, Chicago Tribune and Time Magazine, and actively tweets on profession issues. Prior to joining the AICPA, Cari spent close to 20 years in public accounting, including most recently as the owner of a boutique tax practice in Austin, Texas. When not working she enjoys spending time in her home in northern Virginia with her husband and three children, reading and enjoying the outdoors.

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