Simply Tax® Episode 96: Tax Season Not Normal with BKD

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Apr 29, 2020
Simply Tax Episode 96

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This time of year, tax practitioners are normally greeted with the question, “How was tax season?” With the disruption caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the incidence of COVID-19, however, it clearly isn’t business as usual. Host Damien Martin kicks off a multi-episode look at the tax season with BKD’s Jesse Palmer and Gene Morgenthaler to get their insights on approaching challenges and tax planning opportunities. Here’s what’s covered:

  • “Just trying to keep on top of everything” @ 01:36
  • Areas to focus on @ 05:09
  • Qualified improvement property fix @ 12:34
  • Surprises from relief provisions @14:48
  • Tips for going forward and opportunities to look for @ 20:06
  • Wealth transfer considerations @ 23:13
  • State, local and other considerations @ 26:27
  • Jesse’s recommended approach @ 29:20
  • Damien’s advice to businesses and owners @ 32:14
  • Gene’s background and experience @ 39:00
  • “Like no other tax season in the last 39 years” @ 48:02
  • The bottom line for tax professionals to tackle the months ahead @ 51:40
  • Step back and consider the big picture @ 56:43
  • Lessons from Gene and tips for a successful tax career @ 59:54


Jesse Palmer is a tax partner at BKD and serves as director of tax quality control in the firm’s National Office Tax Department. His responsibilities include quality control, risk management and day-to-day administration of the firm’s national tax practice. Jesse works closely with the national tax director on firmwide tax quality control projects and support-related tasks.

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Gene Morgenthaler has 38 years of experience in public accounting. As the former tax director of BKD’s St. Louis and Decatur offices and North Region, he serves as tax and business advisor to several of the offices’ largest clients. Gene is responsible for directing the overall development of the tax group and serves as the highest technical consultant to others in the offices who provide tax services. His responsibilities include assisting individuals and businesses with tax preparation and planning, strategic business and succession planning, estate and retirement planning and providing tax research services.

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