Simply Tax® Episode 95: Managing Risk Amid a Pandemic

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Apr 10, 2020
Simply Tax Episode 95

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Organizations large and small continue to confront challenges related to the impact of the systematic disruption caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the incidence of COVID-19 (COVID-19). Guest Kim Hirsch of Fusion Risk Management (Fusion) joins host Damien Martin to explain how risk management and business continuity strategies can help organizations and their leaders respond to a pandemic, maintain operational resilience and create a plan to return to “normal” when the pandemic subsides. Here’s what’s covered:

  • Who is Kim Hirsch? @01:36
  • How to get ahead of risks @02:47
  • Business impact analysis and all-hazards planning @04:29
  • A manageable approach @08:53
  • Pandemic planning @11:21
  • Best practice to drive your decision making @17:02
  • Pandemics are hard to contemplate @19:55
  • Great data is the foundation @27:52
  • Ways to learn more @30:20
  • Plan for the worst but hope for the best @31:57
Kim Hirsch


Kimberly Hirsch is the manager of advisory services at Fusion. She oversees the group that provides subject matter expertise to help businesses plan, implement and exercise enterprise business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management and operational risk programs and associated components. These include program management and governance, business impact analysis, planning, exercise, crisis communications, vendor management and program improvement and analysis, among others. Kim has more than eighteen years of experience as a business continuity and crisis management practitioner at Fortune 100 companies. 

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