Simply Tax® Episode 87: Three Things to Consider – Be a Great Board Member

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Feb 05, 2020
Simply Tax Episode 87

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Can you describe the characteristics of a great board member or the critical role boards play in the success of all types and sizes of organizations? Find out from guest Dan Prater, as he joins host Damien Martin to discuss the qualities and activities of a strong board and share best practices for any board member. Take a look at what’s covered:

  • Why are boards important? @01:59
  • Roles and purposes of board members @03:00
  • Considerations for new board members @04:15
  • Identifying a strong board @06:01
  • What kind of board member does my organization need me to be? @08:04
  • The most important question for a board to ask @09:20
  • How to stay relevant as an organization @10:55
  • Considerations for finding the right board members @13:32
  • Diversity of thought is critical @16:28
  • Social return on investment @20:26
  • Best practices of the best organizations @22:25
  • Founders who won’t move forward and let go @25:46


Dan Prater is a member of BKD National Not-for-Profit Group. With significant experience serving the not-for-profit and higher education industries, he’s committed to helping not-for-profit and community groups accomplish their missions. Dan’s leadership in local, regional and national organizations has helped him effectively assist clients with board governance, strategic planning, public relations and outcome assessment. Prior to BKD, he worked and consulted with various organizations and service groups, including domestic violence and child abuse centers, international relief agencies and outreaches and private and public universities.

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