Simply Tax® Episode 80: The Modern Seller

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Nov 21, 2019
Simply Tax Episode 80

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The modern business world is often described as crazy busy with constant change and shifting priorities. Learn how to cut through the static of this tumultuous new normal as guest Amy Franko returns to the podcast. She and host Damien Martin explore the skills necessary to help you better execute on the tactical aspects of selling in this modern environment. Here’s what’s covered:

  • Who is Amy Franko, and how did she become an educator on sales and leadership? @ 1:59
  • How to spot an entrepreneurial inflection point @ 6:11
  • The experience of writing and publishing a book @ 6:49
  • Who should read Amy’s book? @ 14:01
  • The definition of the modern seller @ 18:34
  • The five dimensions of a modern seller @ 25:10
    • Agile @ 26:24
    • Entrepreneurial @ 27:32
    • Holistic @ 30:58
    • Social @ 33:27
    • Ambassador @ 35:13
  • Putting it all together @ 37:29


Amy Franko is founder and president of Impact Instruction Group. She is a keynote speaker, sales strategist and author specializing in B2B sales and sales leadership development. With more than 20 years of client-facing sales experience, Amy began her career with global companies IBM and Lenovo before pivoting into entrepreneurship. Her book of business includes some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Her book The Modern Seller is an Amazon bestseller and was named a 2019 top sales book by Top Sales World. She is recognized by Top Sales World as one of the top 50 sales bloggers in the world.

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