Simply Tax® Episode 78: Manage the Accounting Method Madness

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Oct 25, 2019
Simply Tax Episode 78

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Accounting methods are a complex and intimidating corner of the tax world. Guests Brittany Cummings and Travis Butler join host Damien Martin to cut through the static of recent accounting method developments and break down what you need to know as we head into year-end planning. Listen for answers to these questions:

  • What’s an accounting method? @00:28
  • What’s in the recently released final and proposed bonus depreciation guidance? @04:06
  • Can taxpayers take bonus depreciation on qualified improvement property? @06:35
  • What else is going on in the accounting method world as it relates to fixed assets? @10:03
  • What’s in the recently released proposed revenue recognition guidance under Section 451? @13:58
  • How did this guidance address cost of goods sold and variable consideration? @22:30
  • Are there best practices for implementing this guidance? @26:04
  • What’s negative §263A and what was in the guidance released last November? @27:40
  • What other accounting methods should you be thinking about right now? @33:46
  • What are Brittany and Travis’ favorite accounting method changes? @38:26
  • Are there any international or state and local tax issues to consider with accounting methods? @40:34


Travis Butler serves as a director in BKD’s National Tax Department and Chicago office.

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Brittany Cummings serves as a national assistant tax director in BKD’s National Tax Department.

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