Simply Tax® Episode 76: How to Become a Tax Geek

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Sep 26, 2019
Simply Tax Episode 76: How to Become a Tax Geek

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Tax manager recently topped the list of jobs with the best career opportunities in the U.S. in a recent Glassdoor survey. Host Damien Martin sits down with guest Chris Hesse—current chair of the AICPA Tax Executive Committee—to cover Chris’ advice for a successful and happy career in tax, insights on the important role the committee plays in advocating for taxpayers and tax practitioners, key takeaways from tax reform and more.


  • Who is Chris Hesse and why is he involved with the AICPA? @3:21
  • What does the AICPA tax executive committee do? @7:12
  • The role of the Tax Executive Committee in requesting TCJA guidance @8:31
  • The AICPA’s role in advocating for taxpayers on §199A @10:25
  • Comment letters are a treasure trove of information @16:04
  • Are draft tax forms considered guidance? @18:21
  • Nuances of the trade or business determination and consistent application @20:18
  • How Chris became a tax geek (and how you can too) @25:42
  • Nothing beats 40 years of experience @33:22
  • Chris’ advice for starting out in the profession @38:25
  • Be happy with what you’re doing! @43:31


Chris Hesse has more than 35 years of tax experience in public accounting with more than 30 years of speaking and training experience before tax professionals. His career has included tax leadership of a 200-person practice and extensive tax writing and analysis services. Chris has spoken at numerous conferences throughout the country on taxation, agricultural and estate tax topics and is the chair of the AICPA Tax Executive Committee. He has testified before legislative committees on tax policy matters and has been instrumental in federal and state tax law changes.

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