Simply Tax® Episode 74: Tax Reform Insights for Financial Institutions

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Aug 30, 2019
Simply Tax Episode 74

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Guest Gary Genenbacher joins host Damien Martin to reflect on the first tax filing season for financial institutions under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Here’s what’s covered:

  • Gary’s perspective on applying the provisions of the TCJA @4:10
  • Key TCJA changes for financial institutions @6:09
  • How financial institutions have reacted to the TCJA changes @10:21
  • The most surprising TCJA provisions @11:16
  • Areas we need guidance @14:08
  • Being off-balance on purpose @16:47
  • Planning considerations for financial institutions after tax reform @19:10
  • Increased conformity between book and tax @23:14
  • The important role tax advisors play @25:54
  • Tax simplification @26:42


Gary Genenbacher is a partner and member of BKD National Financial Services Group. Gary focuses on providing family-owned businesses with tax solutions and corporations with strategic tax planning, including subchapter S conversions, retirement planning strategies, accounting methods and tax credit opportunities.

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