Simply Tax® Episode 69: Tax Reform Insights for Manufacturers & Distributors

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Aug 13, 2019
Simply Tax Episode 69: Tax Reform Insights for Manufacturers & Distributors

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Cut through the static of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) with a discussion on what we learned from applying the provisions of the TCJA during the first tax filing season for manufacturers and distributors (M&D). Guests Chris Doolittle and Stephanie Carper join host Damien Martin to reflect on key takeaways and look to what’s ahead. Here’s what’s covered:

  • The most challenging aspects of tax reform for M&D @1:56
  • The provisions that had the biggest effect on M&D @4:03
  • Discussing the tax reform changes with taxpayers @5:57
  • How Stephanie and Chris are approaching areas lacking guidance @7:36
  • Areas requiring further analysis @8:59
  • It’s been a challenging tax year that’s been riddled with opportunity @12:11
  • Provisions that have been surprising @13:47
  • Planning points to consider @17:50
  • “Farmers have had the most guessing” @20:21
  • Areas we need guidance @22:53
  • Key takeaways for M&D @25:54
  • The tax profession has so much to offer! @28:08


Chris Doolittle is a member of BKD National Manufacturing & Distribution Group and has more than 17 years of public accounting experience. He focuses on providing tax planning services to clients in the manufacturing, distribution and service industries. He interprets the latest tax laws, helps clients reduce their tax liability and provides guidance on the tax implications of business opportunities. He previously served as a national tax assistant director in BKD’s National Office in Springfield, Missouri, where he performed tax consultations with the firm’s offices and quality control reviews. He also contributed to various efficiency and quality control initiatives by developing standardized tax workpapers, engagement letters and checklists.

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Stephanie Carper has assisted manufacturing, distribution and real estate clients with tax planning and compliance for more than 13 years. She also assists with tax planning and compliance for multiple physician practices. She has experience in multistate tax preparation and planning, tiered partnership return preparation, consolidated corporate tax preparation, tax provision preparation and Form 3115 preparation.

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