Simply Tax® Episode 56: Are You Taxing the Trust Bank Account?

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Mar 01, 2019
Simply Tax Episode 55

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Trust and team dynamics can be complex, yet are a part of everyday life—just like tax. BKD Audit Partner Debbie Scanlon shares her concept of a “trust bank account,” helping host Damien Martin cut through the static of one of the most essential yet sometimes fleeting dynamics on a team. Listen for ideas for making “deposits” to build great teams and to hear invaluable insights on strengthening gender diversity and enhancing collaboration between men and women.


  • Why team dynamics are so fascinating @2:03
  • Debbie’s definition of “team” @4:08
  • The trust bank account concept @6:48
  • Managing trust bank accounts in practice @9:51
  • Tips for those new to a team @12:04
  • What “commitment missers” tend to overlook @15:21
  • Being intentional even when you’re busy @21:15
  • Tips for having difficult conversations @23:42
  • There’s a “currency conversion” on some deposits @24:33
  • Building trust as a leader @28:38
  • Diversity on teams @32:06
  • Unconscious bias and why we need the SKY initiative @34:36
  • Debbie’s advice for Damien on working with women on team @39:46
  • Takeaways from BKD’s SKYx conference @41:56
  • Closing thoughts on trust and diversity inclusion @44:50


Debbie Scanlon

Debbie Scanlon is a member of BKD National Financial Services Group and leads the Houston and Dallas financial services practices. She has more than 25 years of experience providing audit and consulting services to a variety of financial institutions, broker-dealers, investment advisory firms and funds. Debbie is a member of BKD’s SKY Advisory Council and frequent speaker on building an inclusive culture.

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About SKY, BKD’s firmwide initiative to emphasize and strengthen diversity and promote inclusion
SKYx Conference editorial recap 
2017 SKY Impact Report


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