Simply Tax® Episode 53: Estate Planning in the New Year

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Jan 29, 2019
Simply Tax Episode 53

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Guests Emily Kembell and Gretchen Cliburn recently met host Damien Martin for lunch, where they got to talking about the often intimidating subject of estate planning. Listen to their follow-up conversation to get practical tips on approaching the complex world of estate planning within the context of the complex emotional realities of life.


  • Estate planning? @3:32
  • Common estate planning myths @4:34
  • Key definitions @5:41
  • Why does your financial planner need to know about your estate plan? @8:17
  • Working with an estate planning attorney versus using an online service @11:05
  • No one wants to talk about their death @13:51
  • The cost of doing nothing @15:13
  • Why you need a team of advisors @16:38
  • Getting ready for an initial meeting @24:11
  • When and how frequently do you need an estate planning checkup? @26:50
  • Advice for getting started @30:00
  • It’s not your job to know all the answers @31:50
  • Get all your advisors involved @33:52
  • Pay now or pay later @34:59
  • Ways to save money on estate planning @35:50
  • A lunch conversation between your financial advisor and your estate planning attorney @37:44
  • Asking the “what ifs” @42:14
  • Asset protection planning @43:56
  • You can change your plan @45:41
  • Deciding on a guardian for minor children @46:54
  • Dividing an estate when you have a family business @49:08
  • Having a multigenerational conversation @53:37
  • Family disharmony after you’re gone @55:58
  • The best day to have an estate planning conversation @59:27


Emily Kembell is a partner in the Springfield, Missouri, office of Kirkland Woods & Martinsen LLP. Emily focuses her practice on estate planning of all types, trust and probate administration, transfer tax planning, issues relating to business succession planning and adult and minor guardianships.

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Gretchen Cliburn is a director at BKD Wealth Advisors in Springfield, Missouri. Gretchen is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA™) and coordinates investment management with tax, retirement, financial education and estate planning

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