Simply Tax® Episode 37: #TaxTwitter Answers to 199A Questions

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Aug 23, 2018
Simply Tax Episode 37

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Host Damien Martin gets some help from #TaxTwitter—the informal tax community on Twitter—to take a closer look at questions that remain unanswered after the proposed regulations under Internal Revenue Code Section 199A. Here’s what you’ll find in our latest installment on Tax Cuts and Jobs Act-related guidance:

• andreacpa0 on §1231 @ 01:34
• GlenBirnbaum on farmers & landowners @ 11:15
• BankTaxBlake on S corp banks @ 18:35
• billsweet on specified service trades or businesses @ 24:44

Andrea Carr | Carr, Gouveia + Associates, CPAs, Inc.
•    About Andrea
•    Tax Season Therapy Tweets from Andrea by Peter Reilly 
•    1231 gains/losses by Andrea Carr
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Glen Birnbaum | Heinold Banwart, Ltd.
•    About Glen
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Blake Crow | Eide Bailly LLP
•    About Blake
•    Economic Analysis: Regs Nix a Nightmare, Leave Others in Limbo by Martin Sullivan
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Bill Sweet | Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC
•    About Bill
•    Bill Sweet Explains the New QBI Tax Deduction by Ben Carlson
•    All About Your Benjamins, Episode 22: Talkin’ Taxes With Bill Sweet 
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