Simply Tax® Episode 36: Simply Small Business Taxpayer Accounting Methods

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Aug 22, 2018
Simply Tax Episode 36

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Guest Nathan Clark joins host Damien Martin to review the recent recommendations made by the AICPA’s Tax Methods & Periods Technical Resource Panel on challenges associated with making accounting method changes to adopt the favorable small business taxpayer provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Nathan also reviews key takeaways from the recent guidance provided in Revenue Procedure 2018-40.


  • Overview of what changed under the TCJA @ 01:59
  • What’s an accounting method again? @ 04:47
  • The resource panel’s July 23 letter @ 06:10
  • Guidance under Revenue Procedure 2018-40 @ 07:51
  • Key takeaways from the guidance received @ 12:01
  • Section 481(a) explained @ 15:16
  • The opportunity to plan for lower tax rates under the TCJA @ 18:47
  • §263A uniform capitalization calculations @ 20:40
  • Changes in methods to account for inventories under the TCJA @ 21:28
  • Challenges in implementing the changes @ 25:09
  • §460 and accounting for long-term contracts @ 32:48
  • Need for clarification on the interest deduction limitation @ 34:28
  • Qualified Improvement Property @ 36:16
  • Other items in the July 23 letter @ 42:13
  • Training for marathons while keeping up with the pace of tax change @ 43:08

Nathan is a tax partner in Dixon Hughes Goodman’s firm headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina – SouthPark. He has a deep focus on accounting method changes and specializes in capitalization, depreciation and revenue recognition. Nathan has spoken for AICPA conferences, state CPA societies and other continuing education events. He has published tax alerts and articles for AICPA’s The Tax Adviser, CCH’s Corporate Business Taxation Monthly, and AccountingWEB and has been cited by and CCH.
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AICPA Tax Methods & Periods Technical Resource Panel 
AICPA Comments on Impact of Pub. L. No. 115-97 on Accounting Methods for Small Business Taxpayers 
Revenue Procedure 2018-40 
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