Simply Tax® Episode 33 – The Future of Tax Accounting with Danetha Doe

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Aug 14, 2018
Simply Tax Episode 33

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What does swimming with sharks have to do with the future of tax accounting? Find out as guest Danetha Doe—host of the Future of Accounting podcast—shares her insights on tax trends beyond tax reform that businesses and their advisors should focus on.

  • Who is Danetha Doe @ 0:36
  • Trends in the accounting profession @ 5:25
  • If you don’t manage changing technology, it can get in the way @ 10:38
  • The focus is becoming more on managing people and organizations @ 15:56
  • Challenging yourself outside the office helps you be more open-minded in your work @ 18:47
  • Developing a personal brand is important for accountants and business owners alike @ 21:57
  • Creativity is especially important @ 25:42
  • Put the moose on the table @ 27:04
  • Women in the workplace @ 28:20
  • Danetha’s advice for Damien on mentoring women on his team @31:33
  • Creativity, communication and empathy are keys @ 37:19
  • We can all learn from each other’s perspectives @ 39:21
  • Focus on motivation @ 41:03


Danetha Doe is CEO and president of The Doe Collective. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she manages a collection of brands that share the mission of promoting creativity, collaboration and economic empowerment. As a blogger and influencer, she and the team collaborate with financial institutions and lifestyle brands to produce unique content and live events catering to women’s empowerment.

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