Simply Tax® Episode 20 – Tax Reform for Private Equity

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Mar 27, 2018
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Part of the TCJA Series

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Tax considerations can play a significant role in private equity deals and structures. Find out how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act(TCJA) could affect private equity with host Damien Martin and BKD’s Don Rawe. Here’s a look at what’s in this episode:

  • Greatest effect the new tax law has on private equity @ 1:35
  • How basis and structure considerations have changed @ 2:37
  • What the changes mean for modeling @ 7:06
  • New pass-through business deduction for private equity @ 10:24
  • Effects of the net interest expense limitation @ 16:15
  • Carried interest changes @ 21:28
  • The top question Don’s been getting about TCJA @ 25:05
  • Effect of the international provisions @29:28


Don Rawe is a member of BKD National Manufacturing & Distribution Group BKD National Manufacturing & Distribution Group and provides tax and consulting services to corporations, S corporations and partnerships with local, multistate and multinational activity. Don is also a member of BKD’s tax mergers and acquisitions team and provides tax diligence and structuring to both buyers and sellers.

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