Simply Tax® Episode 4 – Big Tax Data

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Nov 08, 2017
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The term “big data and analytics” seems to pop up more and more, but what is it? Host Damien Martin cuts through the static of the big data world with guest Jeremy Clopton, leader of BKD’s Big Data & Analytics practice. Tune in to hear how data can help enhance marketing strategies, develop competitive advantages, open up new revenue opportunities, reduce risk and improve overall efficiency.

As a bonus, Damien and Jeremy cover another hot topic—millennials.

Here’s a look at what’s inside our latest episode:

  • “The question should be, ‘How can we accomplish this and use data to get there better?’” @ 3:50
  • Do I have big data? @ 6:01
  • Six simple steps to approach big data and analytics @ 13:16
  • Effectiveness before efficiency @ 18:45
  • “Millennials have always been a passion of mine. Full disclosure:  I am one.” @26:16

GUEST BIO: Jeremy is the BKD Big Data & Analytics practice leader. He has more than 10 years of experience applying data analytics in fraud prevention and detection, risk assessment and business intelligence. He’s a frequent speaker on data analytics, continuous auditing, forensic accounting and visualization, data analytics program design and the value of organizational data.

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