Simply Tax® Episode 3 – Controversial Tax

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Oct 20, 2017
People going over paperwork

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With Halloween approaching, we’re covering a frightening topic for business owners: an IRS examination! Eric Fox and Jamie Brown—two tax attorneys with highly respected firm Ivins, Phillips & Barker—join host Damien Martin to break down tax controversy and explain why IRS exams don’t have to turn into a horror story.

Here’s what you’ll find in our latest episode:

  • Tax controversy explained @ 1:46
  • What business owners should do if they receive a notice from the IRS @ 6:09
  • It’s critical that you get someone involved early @ 8:57
  • Are there audit red flags with the IRS? @ 16:34
  • Considerations & action items for the new centralized partnership audit regime @ 19:38

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