Simply Tax® Episode 2 – A Framework for Year-End Planning

Thoughtware Podcast Published: Oct 17, 2017
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Part of the Tax Reform Series

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Last week Ed Karl—VP of taxation at the American Institute of CPAs—told us the outlook for tax reform remains unchanged following the newly proposed tax framework. With so much uncertainty, what should you do about your year-end tax planning? Is there a possibility we could learn more before year-end? And what’s next for tax reform efforts? Listen to find out.

  • What is a tax framework? @ 2:18
  • Why do we need a budget? @ 4:21
  • What’s the process look like for advancing tax reform legislation? @ 6:37
  • Is there an overall tax planning strategy we should keep in mind? @ 10:35
  • What are three year-end tax planning strategies we might consider? @12:19

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