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Time Study Tool

See for yourself how BKD's physician time study tool can help your organization.

Track time by location and activity and simplify your allocation process for physicians, advanced practice professionals, transplant staff, and more with BKD expertise.

A time study measures how time is spent over a specific duration on various activities. It provides a snapshot of actions during the designated period. BKD has preconfigured time studies, as well as options for custom solutions.

Cost Report Support Documentation: Part A/GME Teaching

Time studies are required to allocate physician and midlevel costs between reimbursable activities. Conducting a physician time study can help healthcare organizations identify reimbursable expenses on the cost report that aren’t otherwise noted. Physician compensation costs are nonallowable without completed time studies.

Organ Acquisition Cost Documentation

Certified transplant programs can use time studies to document organ acquisition costs related to the program. BKD has developed a specific time study methodology that meets the requirements of this reporting type. Without this documentation, programs are unable to claim these costs for reimbursement.

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BKD is offering a mobile-friendly web tool to help simplify the allocation process.

  • User-friendly website tailored to your facility’s measurement needs
  • Common categories to track required measurements
  • Customizable time entry screens
  • Detailed measurements—tracks 100 percent of time
  • Multiple-user interface for convenient administration
  • Multiple default reports and ad hoc reporting capabilities

The BKD time study tool also can be used for nonclinical time study support to be used in cost reports and other regulatory filings.

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