Duell Brings New Service to BKD

News Release

DENVER – Brian Matlock, leader of BKD National Energy & Natural Resources Practice, and Jeff Ronsse, managing partner of BKD’s Colorado offices, are pleased to announce the addition of Deanna Duell as the firm’s first energy industry contract compliance leader. In this new role, Duell will integrate Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS) accounting guidance and model form interpretations to help meet clients’ business and accounting needs. Duell will join the firm as a director and be based in BKD’s Denver office.

With this new service, BKD can now assist clients with clarification of oil and gas accounting requirements for agreements in the form of contract audits and litigation support, including action plans to provide for contract audits facilitating recoveries for nonoperators and limiting exposure for operators in complying with accounting in contractual agreements unique to the oil and gas industry.

Duell brings more than 20 years of experience in accounting and contract compliance experience, specializing in contract audits for joint ventures, including joint interest billings, revenue and royalty agreements and operational accounting processes and procedures serving both operators and nonoperators with oil and gas business requirements.

“Deanna’s strong industry experience and knowledge is a huge win for our firm, and we’re excited to serve clients in a deeper capacity,” Matlock said. 

Before joining BKD, Duell spent several years working for large CPA firms and also operated her own accounting firm, Duell & Associates, LLC. She also has experience serving the oil and gas industry in various capacities for operated and nonoperating wells throughout the United States. In 2015, she was named one of the “Top 40 Women in Energy” and a “Who’s Who in Energy” by the Denver Business Journal. 

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