BKD Releases Annual Integrated Report for 2020

News Release

NATIONAL OFFICE – The 2020 BKD Integrated Report—an annual record that provides transparency on BKD CPAs & Advisors’ quality, people, service, growth innovations and community initiatives—is now available. The report details how BKD made significant firm investments while building on its Unmatched Client Service® standards.

“BKD is approaching our 100-year anniversary, and we’ve been able to keep providing Unmatched Client Service through a century of continuous improvement thanks to our strong culture and commitment to our people,” said CEO Ted Dickman.

The report focuses on three key areas: service to clients, career opportunities and sound business standards. It highlights the firm’s audit and assurance, tax, consulting and cyber services and how our team mobilized to help clients with the fallout of COVID-19.

The report also includes an introduction of BKD’s next CEO, Tom Watson, and highlights a several new leadership changes. It touches on how the firm quickly pivoted approximately 2,900 people to working remotely, while also providing new health and technology benefits and giving back to communities through the BKD Foundation.

“As you read through this report, you’ll see all the ways our mission comes alive daily in each of our practices. As we enter our next exciting chapter, we look forward to building on our purpose—to positively impact our people, our clients and our communities,” said Dickman.

BKD’s mission is to always strive for excellence in providing services to clients, create rewarding career opportunities and maintain sound professional, business and financial standards. The report describes the firm’s endeavors to achieve its mission and showcases steps BKD has taken to overcome challenges and create a forward-moving environment for both clients and personnel.

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