BKD Red Team Launched to Help Fight Cyberattacks

News Release

NATIONAL OFFICE – BKD Cyber announced today the addition of a new service named BKD Red Team to its service line. BKD Red Team is a digital attack simulation that can emulate the actions a hacker might take during a cyberattack. The simulation results are then used in training sessions with the client’s IT security department.

“BKD Cyber is excited to offer this service,” said Cindy Boyle, partner and team leader with BKD Cyber. “We look forward to working with organizations to help them better prepare for these attacks by anticipating what a hacker would do once inside their network as well as train their security team.”

BKD Cyber professionals can perform this simulated digital attack under controlled conditions using the same actions that actual cybercriminals could use to access and harvest data from an organization. This exercise can help assess how a real-world breach would affect an organization. BKD Red Team also can train security teams to more quickly respond to a cyber incident.

In addition to showing a network’s vulnerabilities, BKD Red Team can identify the actual data that was compromised. The team can provide recommendations on how to better safeguard sensitive data and avoid costly breaches. According to the Ponemon Institute 2018 Cost of a Data Breach study, the total cost of a data breach averaged $3.86 million, up almost $250,000 from the previous year. In addition, it takes organizations an average of 197 days to realize they’ve been breached.

“In this ever-changing digital landscape, organizations continue to be at risk and need to ensure their staff are trained to help protect their data,” said Angela Morelock, managing partner of BKD’s Risk Advisory Services.

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