BKD Launches Physician Time Study Tool

News Release

NATIONAL OFFICE – BKD National Health Care Group is rolling out a mobile-friendly physician time study tool, which assists hospitals in capturing reimbursable expenses on Medicare and Medicaid cost reports. 

BKD’s physician time study tool allows organizations to measure how time is spent over a specific duration on various activities and provides a snapshot of a physician’s actions during the designated period. By simplifying the allocation process, this mobile-friendly app offers customizable time entry screens, multiple-user interface for convenient administration, nonphysician time study support (cost reports, uncompensated care and organ acquisition) and more. 

“Not only does the time study tool help with compliance for Medicare regulations when claiming physician costs on the cost report, it also has the potential to help improve appropriate reimbursement amounts. We also have the opportunity to utilize this tool for other time-related statistics. I’m very excited to share this tool with our clients,” said Partner Chris Clark.

Time studies are required to allocate physician and midlevel costs between Part A and Part B. Conducting a physician time study can help health care organizations identify reimbursable expenses on the cost report that aren’t otherwise noted. Physician compensation costs are nonallowable without completed time studies.

Visit bkd.com/timestudy to learn more, request a demo and connect with BKD’s team directly.

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