BKD Expands Offerings with Modeling Solution, Synario™ for Colleges & Universities

News Release

NATIONAL OFFICE – BKD CPAs & Advisors has partnered with PFM Solutions LLC to expand solutions to help colleges and universities improve financial sustainability through agile, intelligent financial modeling software, Synopsis Powered by Synario

“We understand many higher education leaders are using outdated modeling tools or Excel spreadsheets to make institution-wide decisions,” said Tondeé Lutterman, BKD national industry partner. “In an era of needed change for colleges and universities, we’re excited to partner with an innovative company and offer our higher education clients a revolutionary modeling solution.” 

Synopsis is a dynamic financial and scenario modeling tool that can help academic leaders manage key drivers and configure new scenarios to quickly visualize outcomes, communicate results and make decisions.

“Synario’s innovation in modeling intelligence sets the foundation for robust and versatile financial and scenario planning. The Synopsis product empowers executive leaders to navigate the financial implications of assorted strategic initiatives in real time and strengthens data-informed decisions,” said David Armstrong, BKD director and higher education leader.

Synopsis is an exciting addition to BKD’s robust suite of Financial Sustainability Services, which already includes Program Economic Analysis, a solution that helps institutions evaluate the financial contribution of each student, section, course, department program or campus, and Academic Portfolio Review, a solution to help schools evaluate current and potential new programs and decide what programs to start, stop, sustain or grow.  

To request a demo or learn more, email highereducation@bkd.com

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