BKD Elects 23 to Partner & Managing Director Levels

News Release

NATIONAL OFFICE – BKD CEO Ted Dickman is pleased to announce the admission of 23 individuals to the partner and managing director levels, effective June 1.

“Both positions require significant personal and professional investment,” Dickman said. “The new responsibilities these leaders face will bring challenges, but I’m confident they’ll find innovative ways to transform them into opportunities.”

Join us in acknowledging the following professionals on this major professional achievement.


  • Chad Back, Technologies
  • Kristen Bright, Springfield
  • Bryan Callahan, Forensics & Valuation Services
  • Tim Chitwood, Springfield
  • Robb Conner, Denver
  • Michael Earls, Fort Wayne
  • Chad Garber, Indianapolis
  • Michael Gerber, Wichita
  • Scott Humphrey, Dallas
  • Corey Jennings, Little Rock
  • Susan Jones, St. Louis
  • Lindsey Oakley, National Office
  • Juli Pascoe, Springfield
  • Anthony Pasternak, Omaha
  • Don Rawe, Indianapolis
  • Erica Smith, Springfield


Managing Director

  • Bill Clark, Tulsa
  • Tod Eastlake, National Advisory Services
  • Denise Gros, Wichita
  • Marcus Mitchell, St. Louis
  • Michael Pallas, National Office
  • Nancy Schoolman, St. Louis
  • Tammy Totzke, Colorado Springs
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