BKD Announces 2021 PRIDE Award Recipients

News Release

Michelle Brekken, this year’s partner award recipient, is based in Dallas, Texas. Brekken, who currently serves on the National Office quality control team, previously served as BKD’s South Region accounting and auditing director. Brekken has a stellar reputation as a passionate and disciplined leader in the firm’s A&A practice. She also has dedicated her career to helping others reach success, consistently taking time to get to know the teams and offices she works with and identifies the challenges they’ll face—often before they do. As an invaluable mentor and guide who has been with BKD for nearly three decades, she is known for always being available and willing to explain complex issues or provide encouragement where needed.

“Michelle continually pushes teams to think critically and is famous for asking thoughtful questions to make sure we truly understand the issue at hand,” said one BKDer. “It’s clear that her goal is to get us to do the right work in the right places, so we meet professional standards.”

Nickie Redick, this year’s employee award recipient, is an accounting and auditing director based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Redick stands out for her ability to balance client work, networking events and coaching/developing colleagues—all while maintaining a strong commitment to family. She is a founding member of Executive Women in Finance in the Indianapolis area and was a finalist for the 2020 and 2021 Indy’s Best and Brightest awards in accounting. With more than 15 years of experience providing audit, accounting and consulting services to a variety of clients, Redick is well known for her phenomenal client service and investment in BKD’s people.

“I’ve seen firsthand how much Nickie’s clients appreciate her,” said one colleague. “I think clients appreciate her ability to be direct and professional while still being relatable and authentic. When her clients pose questions, you can bet she will either have the answer or find it promptly and work to understand it, so she knows for the next time.”

The BKD PRIDE Award was created in 2003 to honor individuals who exemplify BKD’s PRIDE values—passion, respect, integrity, discipline and excellence—in extraordinary ways. This prestigious award is presented annually to a partner and an employee, who are nominated anonymously by their peers within the firm. Award winners are recognized at BKD’s annual leadership conference, where they address more than 1,200 of their colleagues after receiving the coveted BKD PRIDE bowl and a cash prize.

“When I think of our PRIDE values and what it takes to excel at exemplifying these qualities, it’s clear that Michelle and Nickie are more than deserving of this year’s PRIDE Award,” said BKD CEO Tom Watson. “Their reliability, proactivity and expertise help push our teams and firm forward each day.”

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