The Missing Deduction

The Missing Deduction

Crack Code Section 199A to Find QBID

Private Investigator Taxation Simple, a.k.a. Tax, is on the case following the mysterious disappearance of the likable Mr. Quincy B. I. Donaldson, a.k.a. QBID. Join the thrilling hunt for answers as Tax uncovers the secrets of the most intriguing and intimidating 2017 tax reform provisions. Watch this suspenseful blend of tax insight and drama to get the scoop on Internal Revenue Code Section 199A and find QBID before it’s too late!

The Cast

  • Kyle A. Thomas as Taxation Simple
  • Taylor Haverstick as Sally Sue Thompson Bright
  • Teri Austin as Mimi DeMinimis
  • Jacob Brower as Quincy B.I. Donaldson (QBID)
  • Clara Plasse as Party Guest #1
  • Curtis Stout as Party Guest #2
  • Chris Greig as Carl P. Albright
  • Emma Elliott as Annie Story
  • Robert A. Montgomery as Can I. Deductit
  • Kolyn Marshall as Overall Loss
  • Nick Maples as Pro Avoidance
  • Daniel Salsman as Doc Brown
  • Damien Martin as himself

The Crew

  • Executive Producer – Damien Martin
  • Director/Producer – Aaron Phares
  • Written by Aaron Phares & Damien Martin
  • Cinematography & Editing by Garret Layman
  • Sound Edit & Mix by Aaron Phares
  • Set Design by Aaron Phares & Garret Layman
  • Key Grip – Joe Mason
  • Hair & Makeup Artist – Christine Vande Griend
  • Boom Operators
    • Aaron Phares
    • Andrew Rice
    • Brittney Greer
  • Production Assistant – Brayden Proctor
  • Wardrobe Provided by Emma Elliott

Special thanks to Jesse Palmer and Greg Cole.

Shot exclusively in Springfield, Missouri.

Featuring The Holland Building.

Vintage car provided by Route 66 Car Museum.

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