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Improve your bottom line and prepare for the future with BKD’s technology and software expertise.

Working in the technology and software industry isn’t for the faint of heart. Market consolidations, coupled with fluctuating churn rates and fierce competition are only a few of the challenges you continually face with commitment and innovation. That’s why technology and software companies nationwide are turning to BKD for the support they need.

Our trusted advisors provide tailored solutions for a variety of clients, including software development, IT security, mobility, hardware design and manufacturing companies. We can assist with audit and tax, business valuations, cybersecurity and tax nexus issues. Our knowledgeable team also can help with mergers and acquisitions or positioning for an eventual exit. Learn more about our services below and let us know how we can help shoulder the load.

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We have 38 offices in 17 states, with trusted advisors who offer solutions for clients across the country.

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