Real Estate

Tackle your accounting and operational challenges with BKD's real estate expertise.

Buying, selling, refinancing and trading are daily activities that contribute to the real estate market’s ever-changing environment. These transactions require complex financial analyses, flawless timing and extensive knowledge of their governing regulations. That's why real estate companies nationwide are turning to BKD for the support they need.

Our trusted advisors work with approximately 2,200 real estate investors, commercial and residential developers, brokers, agencies and property owner associations. Whether you own one rental property, operate a real estate agency or manage vast commercial holdings in multiple states, our knowledgeable team has the expertise and experience to help you reach your goals.

We help real estate professionals with tax planning, cost segregation, financing, accounting outsourcing, operations improvement, contracts and negotiations, technology solutions and a wealth of other services to help position them for success. Learn more about our offerings below and let us know how we can help shoulder the load.

Big Data & Analytics

Our Big Data & Analytics team can delve into your organization's data and provide valuable insights to help you enhance marketing strategies, manage risk and gain operational efficiencies.

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Credits & Incentives

Many state and local governments offer credits and incentives to help businesses start up, expand or even remain within their borders. BKD can help identify the credits and incentives available for your business.

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Financial Statement Audits & Reviews

The majority of our assurance services are reporting on financial statements presented under generally accepted accounting principles, although we also report under other frameworks. Our services generally follow U.S. generally accepted auditing standards or Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services, but other standards—including international and governmental standards—come into play as well.

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BKD is committed to helping you compete successfully around the world while retaining compliance. BKD’s trusted international services advisors can help your business operate effectively across the globe.

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Real Estate Cost Segregation

A cost segregation study can help you accelerate depreciation tax deductions, enhancing your property’s financial return. Find out how BKD’s cost segregation professionals can help you identify tax savings embedded in your real estate holdings.

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BKD annually prepares thousands of tax returns for individuals, all types of businesses, trusts and tax-exempt entities. We also provide a variety of tax planning and consulting services.

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