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It was great seeing you at the APPA Business & Financial Conference! We know your organization works hard to keep up with regulations, maintain financial stability, and grow your operations to best serve the many who use your services. With this in mind, we created this exclusive landing page for APPA Business & Financial Conference attendees with links to hot topic articles, resources, and more.

Hot Topics & Industry Insights

We’ve compiled a list of articles and webinars on relevant hot topics:



  • Navigating GASB Standards 101: Your 2021 Guide
  • 2021 Compliance Supplement & Single Audit Update
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Need Help with GASB’s Lease Standard?

Soon, implementing GASB’s lease standard will be as simple as 1-2-3 with BKD’s three-part solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. BKD LeaseVision includes our AI-powered tool and associated toolkit. Email us at government@bkd.com to learn more.

Public Sector Solutions

BKD National Public Sector Group works with hundreds of governmental clients nationwide, including public power and utilities. Learn more about our services using the link below and let us know how we can help shoulder the load.

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BKD Thoughtware® is our award-winning series of accounting articles, webinars, and videos created to help our clients navigate the financial landscape. Sign up for our public sector subscription to receive topics relevant to your organization.

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