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Physicians are the core of care delivery. Their compensation and incentives are becoming increasingly complex as healthcare reform shifts to outcomes-based programs. BKD’s dedicated physician services team serves both hospital-based and independent practices and includes medical practice consultants with extensive financial expertise and experience leading large physician practices as well as practicing clinicians.

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Physician Group Resources

BKD Physician Advisory Services leadership team is pleased to offer exclusive access to resources that can help your physician practice thrive. The Physician Services Simplified Guide contains research and insight covering critical areas such as profitability improvement, fair market value, compliance, and more.

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Profitability Improvement

Physicians are integral to your success, and reimbursement reform is intensifying their role. Our dedicated physician services team includes professionals who help practices improve profitability via revenue cycle, operational and management reporting enhancements, improvement of internal controls, and strategic partnering.

Strategic Planning & Positioning

Successful practices have clear, effective alignment strategies. Healthcare and reimbursement reform is rapidly changing how you deliver, document, and collect on care. Our professionals help practices engage in disciplined strategic planning, strengthen governance and accountability structures, and foster provider engagement.

We can help with:

  • External alignment planning, process, and execution
  • Succession planning
  • Compensation plan design and re-engineering
  • Preparation for healthcare reform implications, including capitation readiness
  • Structural reimbursement consulting

Compliance & Internal Controls

Keeping pace with evolving regulatory compliance requirements is tough, and building processes to capture and document compliance can be a challenging and vexing task. Our physician team has extensive experience in the regulatory realm and uses sophisticated analytics to clarify the complexity and implement continual process improvement concepts.

Key initiatives include:

  • Fair market value and commercial reasonableness 
  • Compensation plan internal controls
  • Large data analytics
  • Contractual payment analysis
  • Fraud investigation and prevention

Operations in Value-Based Environment

Value-based arrangements are becoming a higher percentage of total revenue, increasing the importance of developing the skills and protocols necessary for success. Providers are changing their approaches to capturing and reporting HCC codes, managing care across the continuum, and responding to the quality and outcomes metrics.

Our team helps providers:

  • Develop effective case management protocols to control episode costs for high-risk, high-expense patients
  • Develop clinical protocols that target care variations and control episode costs
  • Correct coding initiatives such as AWV process to properly reflect HCC scores

Revenue Cycle

Improving revenue cycle processes and performance creates value beyond the financial boost. Frequently, these projects also result in improved compliance, an increase in departmental collaboration, and efficiencies that can help save you time.

Our team can provide a detailed analysis of your processes, policies, and practices, charge capture, claims submission, follow-up and denial management, and compliance issues related to the revenue cycle. In addition, our team can help train your staff.


Looking for meaningful educational opportunities? Our professionals are veteran trainers who routinely share their insights at industry-leading events. In addition to developing effective training programs tailored for your organizational goals, we’re able to offer a variety of continuing education credits. Start the conversation by submitting a Contact Us form below.

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