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Nonprofit Impact Study & Organizational Assessments

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Critical Insight to Help Achieve Your Mission

Accomplishing your mission requires careful planning, understanding your community footprint, and efficient operations. BKD offers a variety of insightful, wide-ranging assessments designed to help you improve all the above.

Impact Study

This study helps identify the makeup of your nonprofit community, providing valuable data on revenue, volunteers, and more. An impact report is a great way to visually communicate the effect of your nonprofit organization or sector. These reports help provide essential social and financial data that demonstrate the value of your programs and services.

“Through the impact study, we learned that the nonprofit sector’s impact in our regional economy is greater than manufacturing, construction, and finance. The money coming back into the economy is significant. The research helps demonstrate the value of the impact of nonprofits on our economy, in addition to the good they do.” Luann Feehan, CEO, Nonprofit Connect

View the impact study our advisors completed for Nonprofit Connect.

Organizational Assessment

BKD’s organizational assessment examines the overall health of your organization and helps identify potential strategic issues that may hinder growth and sustainability.

This extensive report provides critical insights and recommendations for best practices in culture, structure, communication, and information.

It collects data from surveys and interviews with stakeholders, such as board members, staff (current and former), and volunteers (if applicable). The report also includes a review of your policies and procedures.

Communication Assessment

This report helps measure perceptions of your organization’s communication strategy, such as decision making and information sharing.

Externally, the assessment helps provide valuable insight on how your donors, partners, and clients feel about your communications. It also can help boost community awareness and donor relations and strengthen advocacy efforts with government officials.

Internally, organizations can use this data to help shape employee processes, which can increase satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Bylaws & Policies Assessment

This report provides an in-depth review of your organization’s bylaws and policies. Bylaws are legally binding documents that serve as a guiding light for how the organization functions on a day-to-day basis. Policies and procedures are important for enhancing accountability and provide a step-by-step road map for staff members.

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