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Nonprofits are increasingly using external CPAs for portions of their financial reporting, project management, and accounting needs. Working with an experienced, professional team of nonprofit advisors can help save you time and money while increasing your peace of mind.

BKD can help with your organization’s monthly close process; audit preparation, including Single Audit; implementation of new accounting standards; and other projects on your CFO to-do list.

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Accounting Support

BKD has tailored solutions to help your nonprofit succeed whether you’re looking for managed services such as outsourcing your accounting function or assistance in streamlining operations.

Ongoing accounting functions, period-end closings, and financial statements can take more time than you have. Don’t risk turnover by training and hiring full-time employees for easily outsourced tasks. Our team of trusted advisors can provide effective, efficient assistance so you can focus more on your core goals.

Strategic Financial Outsourcing

Many CFOs find there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything. Our experienced professionals can assist you by providing project management related to crucial tasks, including monthly reporting dashboards and closing, audit preparation, reviewing and streamlining processes, cash flow forecasting, and more.

Budget & Cash Flow Planning

Financial planning, projecting, and analysis are critical to sustaining success. Our BKD Trusted Advisors™ have the tools and know-how to assist business leaders in creating and maintaining a cash flow plan to help predict and manage your top priorities. Steps to cash flow planning include:

  • Analyze quote-to-cash and procure-to-pay timelines
  • Determine capital spending needs
  • Identify financing sources
  • Document the plan in an easy-to-use, adaptable format

Our expertise, tools, and templates also can help you meet your business goals throughout all phases of the budgeting process. BKD can assist with:

  • Designing strategic budgeting processes
  • Project management of the budgeting process
  • Version control and spreadsheet management
  • Financial data analysis and KPI development
  • Revenue forecasting models
  • Budgeting software assessment

Financial & Operational Assessments

A financial and operational assessment can help you understand the current processes and duties assigned within the financial reporting process, identify opportunities for streamlining activities, and improve resource usage. From interview and documentation assessments, we can assist your organization in identifying enhancement opportunities and recommending structural changes or projects that can help close efficiency and internal control gaps.

Grant Management & Compliance

BKD can help you with grant management and compliance by providing consulting services that look at areas a regulator could scrutinize. During our grant consulting procedures, we don’t just evaluate areas of noncompliance. We look for opportunities to advise you of more efficient ways to comply with federal, state, local, and donor regulations and help you reduce the risks of sanctions or reduced funding.

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Implementation of Accounting Standards

Complying with new standards is crucial. However, with your staff already balancing many tasks, it can be challenging to find the time and resources to incorporate new industry guidance correctly. Whether you’re just starting or need help reaching the finish line, BKD can help your organization plan, prepare, and implement new accounting standards.

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Policies, Procedures, & Processes

You can gain confidence in your policies and procedures as we help you navigate which procedures are needed and how to keep them up to date and evaluate whether your teams comply with your existing internal policies. We also can help you document existing workflows and processes to preserve institutional knowledge during times of turnover.

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Internal Auditing & Internal Controls

Our external audit services are all about assurance for outside parties, while our internal audit services are all about your internal fiduciary responsibilities and needs. Whether you need assistance on a project-by-project basis, guidance on internal control design, help establishing an internal audit department, or complete outsourcing of your internal audit needs, we can help.

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Job Succession Planning

BKD can provide a robust description of duties performed by the selected staff member to assess appropriate cross-performance necessary to the finance function. This will be designed to assist with continuity to transition new staff and/or in the event of future staff turnover.

BKD also can provide tailored training and coaching for successor individuals to assist in an orderly transition.

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Capacity Planning

Nonprofits have faced increasing demands related to compliance, outcomes, individual donors, and funders for decades. In addition, the needs for services continue to grow, leading to consistent program and business model changes. Few nonprofits have evaluated how—over time—these dynamics have affected organizational infrastructure to determine whether the current staffing model is the right structure.

BKD can provide an independent assessment of the accounting and operational capacity needs for your nonprofit to help your organization have the appropriate staffing structure to meet the needs of your nonprofit.

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