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Tailored solutions and deep expertise to help municipal and state governments thrive.

You work hard to understand and meet your residents' needs, but aging infrastructure, cybersecurity, healthcare, and tax law changes are just a few of the challenges on your plate. If you’re looking for a trusted advisor to assist you, our team has the state and local government experience and skills to provide the support you deserve.

BKD National Public Sector Group works with a wide range of state and local governments nationwide, including municipalities and state agencies. Our knowledgeable team can assist with audit and assurance, compliance, IT risk services, cybersecurity, enterprise risk solutions, forensics, and data analytics. Take a look at our services below and see how our experience and resources can help you stay compliant, stretch your dollar, and plan for the future.

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Audit, Accounting, & Assurance

Financial analysis is more sophisticated than ever. BKD Trusted Advisors can help you with your audit, accounting, and assurance needs.

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Uniform Guidance/Single Audit & HUD

Compliance auditing at BKD is often found in our nonprofit and governmental practice or in our banking and real estate practices where U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) oversight is present. BKD is ranked by the Federal Audit Clearinghouse as one of the largest providers of Single Audit services, and our familiarity with those requirements makes us a great fit for organizations requiring compliance.

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Annual Comprehensive Financial Report Preparation & Solutions

BKD is a certified implementor of The Reporting Solution - a web-based Annual Comprehensive Financial Report preparation software. BKD can help entities with Annual Comprehensive Financial Report preparation. We also can offer an assessment of an entity’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, help resolve identified discrepancies and help reduce exceptions when reports are returned and submitted to the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Program.

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Consulting, Risk, & Data Analytics for the Public Sector

With increasing demand for your services and cuts in state and federal government funding, you have to remain focused on delivering your mission. Navigating these and other issues effectively requires a multifaceted set of skills that may not always be available in-house. Learn more about why organizations turn to BKD for our wide range of advisory solutions—designed with your specific needs in mind.

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Local, State, & Federal Government Technology Solutions

Government agencies are often tasked with delivering on their charters with inflexible, antiquated, and expensive legacy applications—all in an environment of limited and uncertain budgets. Learn how BKD can help state, local, and federal agencies modernize their applications and processes within the framework of challenging fiscal environments.

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Foreign Withholding Tax: A Lost Opportunity?

BKD understands the difficulties nonprofit and public sector organizations face in obtaining funds to further their exempt purpose or secure retirement benefits for their plans’ beneficiaries. That is why we are passionate about helping organizations navigate the process of reclaiming foreign withholding taxes to avoid leaving money on the table.

Has your organization been informed of the opportunity to obtain refunds of foreign withholding taxes on investment income, but you don’t know how to manage the reclaim process? BKD can help provide proactive, tailored guidance and the resources you require to file a claim for refund, including reclaim analysis, documentation preparation and assistance, preparation and submission of claims, as well as claim denial investigation and resolution.

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