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Advance Your Mission of Care with BKD's IDD & Behavioral Health Expertise

When you work in the intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) and behavioral health industry, including in Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC) and Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC), you understand the role of tailoring support to help individuals thrive. Your work with these individuals is packed with creativity, and we’re proud to provide the insight and know-how to help you advance your mission.

IDD and behavioral health organizations are facing shrinking margins, regulatory complexity, and workforce shortages, which is why we’ve developed state-specific, tailored solutions that integrate the national perspective for organizations like yours. Our IDD and behavioral health professionals understand the intricacies of state funding and the effect on your organization.

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Who Do We Serve?

We work with approximately 240 IDD and behavioral health providers nationwide, including providers that focus on IDD, behavioral health, substance abuse, mental health, foster care, and special education, along with CCBHCs and CMHCs.

Looking to advance your mission in the IDD and behavioral health industry? and let us know how we can help.

Audit & Assurance

Quality assurance services can identify areas of improvement and give stakeholders such as board members, donors, and lenders peace of mind. During our audit procedures, we’re looking beyond the financials to advise you on more efficient ways to address regulations and make operational and financial reporting improvements.

  • Financial statement audits
  • Uniform Guidance audits (formerly A-133)
  • Compliance audits
  • Internal audits
  • Agreed-upon procedures

Regulatory Compliance & Reimbursement

Our healthcare practice dates back to the inception of Medicare and Medicaid, and we prepare approximately 2,000 cost reports annually. Our professionals are well versed in financial planning, reimbursement rate analyses, cost report preparation and review, rate appeals, tuition waivers, negotiating with funding sources, and direct and indirect cost allocation studies.

In addition to preparing cost reports, we can help you find ways to manage risk, improve margins, and navigate industry shifts.

  • Prepare and review the cost report
  • Review cost allocations for conformity with cost reporting requirements
  • Prepare for and respond to third-party audits including Medicaid
  • Review key program efficiencies that could be red flags for government reviewers
  • Benchmark key metrics, including expenses and staffing levels relative to other providers
  • Comply with the requirements of manuals defining reimbursable cost

Managed Care Model

As the IDD and behavioral health industry moves toward managed care throughout the country, providers should be concerned about their current financial position and the potential effects of managed care—and reduced client services is no exception. BKD can help you meet these challenges head on by consulting with your organization.

  • Managed care readiness reviews
  • Contracting with managed care organizations
  • Value-based payments
  • Implementation of Care Coordination Organizations
  • Transition to interRAI-based assessment systems such as the Coordinated Assessment System
  • Model of care development
  • Claims review
  • Billing and revenue cycle services
  • Due diligence analysis
  • Cost accounting

Rate Setting

Do your reimbursement rates accurately represent your cost and quality of care? Government-funded programs have strict guidelines on what’s reimbursable, but often organizations overlook allowable costs critical to providing high-quality care. Our consultants can help you analyze your current rates and contributing expenses and provide future-focused insights to help you earn equitable reimbursement.

Tax Services

As your IDD and behavioral health organization becomes more complex, tax risk increases. How well are you managing that risk? Our trusted advisors can help reduce your burden or take advantage of tax law provisions.

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Benchmarking Analytics for IDD and Behavioral Health

BKD Clearview can help you empower your organization to thrive financially and support your mission.

  • Gain actionable insights from interactive, analytic dashboards with drill-down capabilities from the State of New York’s Consolidated Fiscal Report data
  • Benchmark your organization’s key performance indicators to similar organizations in your area
  • Leverage operations to help enhance future rate calculations and maintain a forward-looking strategy
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