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Accounting, Tax, & Consulting Services for Healthcare Providers

You had big plans for your healthcare organization before the unexpected emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, which exposed systemwide vulnerabilities. Now, healthcare leaders must shift their focus to navigating new norms, reassessing strategy approaches, and preparing for the next pandemic as the industry faces continual change. Our commitment to Unmatched Client Service® is rooted in our PRIDE values, which guide the actions of our partners and professionals as they deliver solutions for success to our clients’ business and financial needs. In addition to tax and audit services, BKD’s healthcare consulting practice encompasses one of the industry’s largest and longest-tenured teams of regulatory compliance and reimbursement services and performance improvement services advisors. Our dedicated healthcare pros can leverage their expertise to help you apply the financial, operational, and clinical lessons learned so you can be better prepared to survive and thrive when the next inevitable disruption occurs.

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Audit, Accounting, & Assurance Services

Financial analysis is more sophisticated than ever. BKD Trusted Advisors™ can help you with your audit, accounting, and assurance needs, including Single Audit.

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Tax Services

As your organization becomes more complex, tax risk increases. How well are you managing that risk? Our BKD Trusted Advisors™ can help reduce your burden or take advantage of tax law provisions.

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Consulting Services

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Healthcare leaders often have needs beyond traditional accounting and tax planning. BKD has more than 90 years of experience and clients in all 50 states, offering the breadth and depth of healthcare experience to help you with your organization’s unique needs and circumstances. Our areas of expertise include:

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