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Thrive in a complex operating environment with BKD airport expertise.

Airports have many stakeholders, from commercial airlines, concessionaires and lessees and federal and state authorities to local communities, bond holders and, of course, the flying public. With so many relying on your success, it’s important to have advisors who understand your specific financial and operating environment. Who do you trust to provide a smooth takeoff toward your goals?

BKD National Public Sector Group works with a variety of small-, medium- and large-hub airports across the country. We use our vast experience and resources to provide guidance on topics such as nonairline revenue streams, operating cost containment, economic development opportunities, capital funding mechanisms, federal program compliance, cybersecurity concerns and more. Our trusted advisors can help you explore new and inventive ways to manage costs, diversify revenues and address mounting infrastructure needs. Learn more about our services below and contact us to find out how far our experience can take you.

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