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Higher Education Services

Higher education leaders face pressure to address changing student demographics, drive efficiencies and identify new programs to grow and maintain enrollment. You need a better solution to help with these critical decisions and discussions. Our higher education consultants can help your institution achieve it's goals. 

We offer two robust solutions for higher education consulting: Program Economic Analysis & Academic Program Portfolio Review. Learn more about each below. 

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How We Can Help You

  • View financial performance at a variety of levels, including college, program, department, course and faculty
  • Evaluate demand and financial performance of academic programs
  • Review margin analysis dashboards and industry trends
  • Make data-informed decisions and communicate with the board and other leadership

Program Economic Analysis

Understand the associated economics of delivering academic programs and create a better environment.

  • Interactive Program Economic Analysis dashboards

  • Focus on programs (majors) economics/margin analysis 

  • Review trends and forecasts for your programs

  • Assess the economics and financial performance

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Academic Program Portfolio Review

We can help you make better, faster decisions on what programs to start, stop, sustain or grow for your institution.

  • Access to robust market demand data

  • Facilitated process to help you understand the information

  • Experienced advisors who will help guide you through the process

  • Custom scoring system to fit your institution

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"This solution has been a game changer in getting our leadership involved, improving efficiencies and solving financial issues"

– Public University Leader

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