2020 BKD Tuesdays at Ten Webinar Series for New York State IDD/BH Providers

Thoughtware Event Oct 27, 2020
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Join BKD Trusted Advisors for our Tuesdays at Ten webinar series specific to our clients and friends in New York State serving the needs of intellectual or developmental disabilities and behavioral health (IDD/BH) communities.

Advance your mission of care and learn critical insights featuring BKD’s team of IDD/BH leaders who have a deep understanding of the intricacies of state and federal funding.  

Register below to our Tuesdays at Ten sessions and plan to join one or all: 


COVID CFR Reporting: October 27

This year’s Consolidated Fiscal Reporting (CFR) will be significantly more difficult for both fiscal and calendar year providers. With programs fully or partially closed, staff reassigned, and new programs and services being billed, identifying what goes in which bucket will be a challenge.  In addition, most providers have received one or more pools of stimulus funding—each with their own rules and requirements—that will ultimately be reported on the CFR.  The single biggest change in the CFR is the addition of the COVID-19 and COVID-19S Informational Schedules.  Because there is no indication on how funding agencies might use this information or whether it will affect reimbursement, providers need to be concerned about what they are reporting on these schedules. 

Join BKD Trusted Advisors™ as we discuss the key issues that providers should consider when preparing this year’s CFR.  

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IDD & Behavioral Health Care – Wading Through the CARES Act: November 10

The adoption of the 2020 CARES Act and subsequent PPP Flexibility Act created federal funding vehicles designed to enable organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, to maintain their employees on staff and continue delivering the same quality programs to the communities they serve during the difficult economic climate brought on by COVID–19.  However, as helpful as these grants, tax credits, deferrals, loans, and other economic stimuli were, they came with many unanswered questions as to how they interact with existing state and federal reimbursements and  even with other stimulus funding.  As organizations are now in the process of spending funds that have been received, and contemplating their eligibility for additional ones, there are opportunities for certain unexpected windfalls, but also consequences for poor planning and documentation.  

Join Corinna Creedon, managing director and head of the BKD New York Office CARES Task Force, to hear the latest updates on the various CARES Act stimulus packages (including PPP,  HHS Stimulus, and Medicaid CHPs), what we are seeing as the early adopters go through the forgiveness and reporting process, and what are the top considerations your finance team should be aware of to enhance your ability to claim AND KEEP these funds.

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Cash Flow Management and Budgeting: November 24

The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with the opportunity to learn budgeting and cash flow management techniques.  As we learn to operate in the new normal, timely decisions about budgeting are needed and flexibility will be the key to success.  In addition, managing operations and resources in this environment will require up-to-date data and reporting from your fiscal department.  We will discuss how to understand what the data means and trends to your operations as we navigate the changing reimbursement environment including the move to managed care and its effect on cash flows and liquidity.

Join BKD Trusted Advisor™ Allan Blum for a discussion and insights on these critical management techniques.  

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Revenue Cycle Management: December 8

With New York’s IDD & Behavioral Health community facing cuts and delays in payments due to the state’s historic budget shortfall along with the plan to move the industry to Managed Care, providers need to focus on improving their revenue cycle operations by reviewing its systems and processes to streamline workflows to help ensure timely billings and collections.  

Join BKD and its Health Care Performance Advisory Services team to discuss how providers can align people, processes, and technology to help generate net revenue improvement and create measurable key performance indicators. 

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IDD/BH Mergers: December 22

As the financial stress of New York's state budget shortfall results in cuts to funding, IDD & Behavioral Health providers will be forced to create savings and efficiencies through mergers and affiliations. The capital and technology needs as the industry moves to Managed Care also will require consolidations. In the near future, it could be a matter of "eat or be eaten." To survive, providers should be proactively searching out potential affiliation candidates and preparing for the changes this will require. 

Join BKD to discuss ways to identify and evaluate potential affiliation candidates and what providers should be looking at when considering potential organizations with which to affiliate.     

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