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Our success begins with having the right team. The hiring process is designed to align individuals with a role and working environment where they can thrive and our firm benefits from their skills. The journey from application to offer is designed to ensure BKD’s culture is aligned with your preferences and that you’ll have a long and successful career with us.

To ensure equal opportunity for all applicants, we’ve made the hiring process as inclusive as possible. We never want to miss a chance for the right team member to join our firm, regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity. Our firm celebrates the differences that make our team strong and provides extensive unconscious bias awareness training. To learn more about SKY, our diversity and inclusion initiative, click here


Before you apply, we encourage you to explore all that BKD has to offer and begin the conversation. Here are a few suggestions for getting started:

College Students

  • Visit with a team member at a career fair or during a campus visit.

  • Learn about upcoming visits and informational sessions on campus through student organizations, classes, and career services.

  • Meet with a recruiter during office hours.

Experienced Talent

  • View our open job opportunities.

  • Sign up with our talent community to get connected with our recruiting team.

To gain an authentic picture of our culture, we also encourage prospective candidates to read reviews from current and former employees on our Glassdoor page. Our social media channels are another great way to explore BKD. Follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Setting up a profile and completing an application in Avature is the first step in the process for current college students, recent graduates, and experienced talent. Through the application process, you’ll have a chance to tell us about your skills and experience via your resume.

For Students: When searching for an appropriate posting to apply to, make note of any deadlines, which can vary depending upon whether you’re applying for a specific BKD leadership program, internship, or job opening.

In our talent system, optimize your job search by using keywords to receive more complete and relevant results. For more defined results, search by category, location, or office.

What you’ll need to complete your application

  • Resume

  • Education Details

  • College Transcript (if applicable) – Transcripts may be submitted as an official document from the university or an unofficial copy  

  • Certification Details (if applicable)

Note: BKD does not provide Visa sponsorship. Applicants for BKD positions must be legally authorized to work in the United States. Verification of employment eligibility will be required at time of hire.


Once you’ve set up your profile and submitted your application in Avature, a recruiter will review your skills, experience, and response to screening questions and make an initial assessment as to whether you’re qualified for the opportunity you’re interested in. If there’s alignment, we’ll invite you to connect with us in one or more ways:

Video Interview: You may be invited to participate in a video interview, which you’ll join via an email link with instructions. Video interviews are a great opportunity to share your background in an engaging format.

Recruiter Phone Interview: A recruiter may schedule a short phone call to learn more about your background.

Next Steps Invite from Campus Recruiter: If you’re a student, have applied to a job posting or expressed interest in attending an upcoming recruiting event, and possess the appropriate qualifications, a campus recruiter will reach out with an invitation and next steps.

Our hiring experience is personable. One way we accomplish this is by assigning recruiters to specific service lines, geographical markets, and universities. This means the recruiter you hear from will be your point of contact throughout the process, making it easy for you to ask questions and receive updates.


There are many dimensions to a person that have been shaped from their experiences, previous jobs, and education, so we strive to learn as much about you as possible during the process. BKD is a large firm with a variety of teams and departments. Our assessment helps us make an initial determination of the type of work environment you’d thrive in, setting you up for success.

Please note, the assessment portion of the hiring process is simply meant to gather more data about you as an individual and only one of many components to informing our decisions.


The purpose of the interview is to get to know you better and provide you an opportunity to ask questions. You can expect either a one-on-one or panel conversation. This is your chance to gain a better understanding of BKD’s culture, PRIDE values, and career growth opportunities. We’re mindful of your time as well as that of the team members who participate in an interview. We will only invite a candidate to interview at BKD if we truly feel that there is a potential for mutual interest in moving forward. 

Our Approach to Interviews
We like our interviews to feel like a conversation—a dialogue where we get to know each other. We’ll ask questions related to your relevant job experience, including technical skills, motivation, communication, and project management. If you’re interviewing for a leadership role, we’ll inquire about your capabilities in developing staff, providing meaningful feedback, and being innovative.

These questions help us learn more about your skills, capabilities, experience level, and how they’ll help you be successful. Based on the role’s requirements, we may also ask additional questions specific to the type of work you may be doing at BKD.

Final Decision

After you’ve completed the interview, our team will take time to evaluate all candidates and decide whether to make an offer based on data gathered from your application, assessment, and interviews. We consider many factors when making the final decision to invite someone to join our team, but these are fundamental questions we ask:

  • Would your skills and experience enable you to be successful in the position?

  • Do your core values align with BKD’s culture?

  • Would you thrive in the work environment for your role?  

  • Would your work style, experience, and skill set add value to the team you’d work with?

When it comes to timing expectations, we don’t make promises as every scenario is different. In some cases, you might receive an offer within a week, while other situations may take longer. Dependent factors can include the urgency to fill the position, volume of candidates, and others. Regardless, we’ll provide clear and transparent communication on when you can expect to hear from us. Keep in mind the length of time between your interview and when we follow up has no indication on whether we’ll be offering you a position.

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